3 Spooked Girls

The Zodiac Killer : The Murders Part 2

June 12, 2020

Hey Spooksters! Today we are bringing you Part 2 in our miniseries on the Zodiac. Today we will pick up on the timeline from Part 1. This episode will include the Lake Berryessa murder, Paul Stine's murder, discussion of more letters from the Zodiac himself, and also additional attacks & murders that authorities believe is linked to the Zodiac. Those will include the murders of Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards in 1963, the Riverside murder of Cheri Bates, the attempted abduction of Kathleen Johns & her child, and the disappearance & murder of Donna Lass. We have a lot to go over so buckle up! Then come back Monday for our final part of this series! 


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