3 Spooked Girls

David Koresh & The Waco Siege

April 6, 2020

Hey Spooksters! Today we are going to be discussing all things involving the Waco Siege. In order to fully tell the story of what happened in Waco, we have to start from the beginning. We'll discuss the early life of David Koresh, or should we say Vernon Howell, and the history behind the Branch Davidians. From there we will walk through what lead up to the shift in the compound and how they caught the attention of the ATF and other authorities. Finally, we will go over the raid & siege itself. It's a cluster of a story so buckle in!!! TW - there is a brief discussion of abuse mentioned at the compound. Timestamps to skip if this is something that may trigger you - 39:28-43:42. We always want our Spooksters to be in a safe & happy mindset & place! 

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