3 Spooked Girls

Cheers to 1 Year! Black Eyed Children Revisited

September 16, 2019

Hey Spooksters! It's our anniversary week!!!! YAY! Our actual anniversary is tomorrow (9/17), but of course, today is new episode day!!! So today we will be starting with a fun AMA of the top questions submitted by you guys!

Then we are revisiting the topic of our very first episode here on the podcast...Black Eyed Children. (This will start at the 24:00 time stamp for those wondering).

Jessica will bring you the origin story, how to spot these terrifying beings for yourself, and theories surrounding them. Then Tara is going to throw it back and will be reading a Creepypasta involving Black Eyed Children.

Thank you all so much for tuning in each week and being a part of the Spookster Fam. Your support means the world to us!!

ALSO! Tomorrow (9/17), please join us to celebrate 1 year of 3 Spooked Girls in our Facebook group as we go LIVE and bring a FULL episode on JonBenet Ramsey that will ONLY air there. You can join the group by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/groups/496599227412318

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